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Main Research overview

Core infrastructure for industrialization and scientificization of kimchi

  • 1. Research of functionality of kimchi isolates and development of excellent strain
  •   - Development of functional LAB (ornithine-producing, cholesterol-lowering effects etc.)
  •   - Isolation of mesophilic and psychrotrophic LAB from kimchi, and comparison of their characteristics
  •   - Characterization of functional LAB and identification of functional compounds from the LAB

  • 2. Safety assessment and establishment of fermentation system for functional LAB
  •   - Safety assessment of LAB (in vitro)
  •   - Development of edible media for kimchi LAB
  •   - Establishment of fermentation system
  •   - Stabilization of kimchi LAB during storage

  • 3. Development of high value-added food products using functional LAB
  •   - Development of food production techniques containing functional LAB and their commercialization
  •   - Development of mass production technique for the functional foods in the Industrial perspective

  • 4. Development of novel food materials

  • 5. Development of new algorithms for kimchi storage in kimchi-refrigerator

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